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I don't have your postal address to send a thank you but wanted to say a very  big thank you for all your help with the dance lessons for our wedding.  The wedding went perfectly and as you can see from the attached photos, we looked like professionals for our first dance.

I would like to send you a BIG Congratulations and well done message for achieving 20 years of success.

Unfortunately I can't come dancing this week as I have prior commitments, this week of all weeks, however I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for supplying us with a wonderful dance each week.  You certainly get a good crowd who obviously enjoy themselves and I hope you have the dance for us for many years to come.  No retirement for you!!

Thanks again, have a wonderful evening tonight.  

I simply wanted to get a new life.  I was fed up with what I was doing.  I had a friend who had danced for many years and suggested I should learn to dance.  I viewed your web page and at 65 attended my first class/dance at Top Ryde in June of 2010.  I recall being asked on my first night to join in the barn dance.  From approximately June 2010, with the help of lessons and the amazing kindness and friendly encouragement shown to me by the people who attend, I'm now able to join in a lot of the dances.  I'll never be a Fred Astair, but I look forward to the different events offered by your dances.  I feel this wonderful world of dancing and the friendly help of the folk that attend has brought a new zest into my life.  I'm very grateful to be part of the dance scene.

I attended your dance at Ryde last Friday and wanted to congratulate you on a great night. I thought your music was excellent, good presentation, the supper was good and thanks to the council the floor was also excellent. I also had a great dancing partner in Doreen. We are always quick to criticise but not to praise. Keep up the good work.

Are you going to teach the Serenade sometime in the near future as I need to get this dance right?


Love your new website, it looks great. By all the lovely photos on the site, you two ladies are still going strong. Congratulations.

The reason for my letter is I would like to renew my membership with the Australian National Dance Association and would like to know
the correct procedure for doing so.

I am hoping to make regular visits back to Australia and would like to coincide them with some dancing competitions.

Once again, thank you for your warm reception when I visited your dance two years ago. I had a wonderful time and my students enjoyed watching the video I took of what Australian social dancing is all about.

Regards and warm wishes"


Wow. What a really great New Year's Eve we had. It has been years since we were able to let our hair down among a wonderful hall full of so many friendly and happy people. We met friends we hadn't seen since our earlier dancing days. Thank you for putting on such a spectacular night.


Thank you for an exciting night on NYE. I will send some photos to you to put on your web pages. Those in the photos have agreed to them being placed on the web. You can decide which ones to use as long as you choose the one with me in it. I rarely take a good photo, but all agree that this is ok. Thank you.


On New Year's Eve I picked up a pamphlet all about your Wednesday dance and saw that you are teaching some New Vogue dances that I haven't been able to get right. I will be there on the tenth to learn the Fascination. I didn't

know these lessons were available on the web so I have taken your web address and will keep up-to-date from now on.


I don't seem to have trouble with the Quickstep or the Waltz but I do with the Foxtrot. Thank you for including the Foxtrot in your classes in September. I will be there well before you start at 7 o'clock.


I live at Hurstville but have always thought that Ryde was too far to go. Now I see that one of your dancers travels from Moss Vale, your Wednesday night dance must be worth the effort. If there are enough ladies there, I will keep going back.


In your Classes page on your web site, you show the dances you are teaching at Ryde. I live at Chatswood and as Willoughby is much closer for me, would you please consider showing the dances you intend teaching at Willoughby? Thank you in anticipation.


Where are all the men these days? Every dance I go to, the ladies outnumber the men. They don't know what they are missing. They must sit at home glued to their tv sets instead of getting some exercise. Bring on the males aged between 40 and 70 and we will all have a great time."


What a great site. I live in Brisbane and we don't have anything like it up here. Ballroom dancing is starting to take off again. I wish you every success.


I have been to your Wednesday and Friday dances and will certainly be there for your first Saturday dance. Why only once each month? Why not more often?


It is years since I danced at the Civic Centre, Top Ryde. Lovely memories. I will try and talk my husband into taking a few classes on Wednesdays before the cricket season starts. He may then prefer dancing to cricket. At least he will have a happier wife.

My mates are trying to talk me into ballroom dancing as they say that is where all the ladies are. I will need some lessons before I start back again because I may have forgotten all the steps but I think I will give it a try.

I lost my wife 18 months ago and intend to go back to dancing. I will keep logging on to your web site and watch for dates and times when you are teaching dances I like and need to practise. My preference was New Vogue but I do like Latin and ballroom.

At last, a dance where my partner and I can really dance without having only elbow room. We will be there on a Wednesday once I finish night shift.

It was at a beginner's class where I met my husband. It was love at first sight. Good luck to all the beginners. 

With four or five Wednesdays and a Friday and Saturday in each month, plus an occasional class, this should be plenty of dancing for me when I start back again.

I am approaching sixty, the big O so I hope there will be one or two ladies there looking for a man to dance with.

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